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B&M Glazing can manufacture many products – including balustrades, shower screens and window panes – out of high quality, high strength safety glass. Customers in and around Harrow, Ruislip and Pinner can choose from a range of safety glass types, including clear, low iron, frosted and tinted glasses. Speciality edge finishes, such as flat polished, pencil polished and bevelled finishes, allow you to fully customise the end product to your practical and aesthetic tastes. Complementing the manufacture and supply side of our business is our installation team, which will ensure your safety glass is professionally installed and has the best possible chance of a long lifespan.

What is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is also known as tempered glass, or toughened glass. It’s manufactured by uniformly heating annealed glass, before rapidly cooling both surfaces concurrently with air currents. This process is referred to as air quenching. The result is a higher level of compression, which effects both the surface and tension inside the glass. It’s typically manufactured to sit somewhere between an eighth of an inch and three quarters of an inch in thickness.

The end product can be up to four times stronger than a typical pane of annealed glass with the same dimensions, and has much improved tensile strength, helping it stand up to both impact and environmental forces. Another important characteristic of safety glass and why it’s so popular amongst our Harrow, Ruislip and Pinner customers, is that should it shatter it shatters into small cubes rather than dangerous, sharp shards. This significantly reduces the chances of injury in many otherwise risky situations.

Why Opt for Safety Glass?

If you’re looking for glass that can stand up to knocks in busy, well-frequented areas, safety glass is ideal. It’s also a good way to make a property more difficult to intrude upon. The fact that it’s far less likely to injure a bystander if shattered makes it a great choice for commercial environments or public spaces, where corporate oversight and health and safety are core concerns. What’s more, in some situations, building regulations may make safety glass mandatory.

Many Harrow, Ruislip and Pinner customers also use safety glass to protect the edges of staircases and any upper floors with dangerous ledges. This is why safety glass is the best option for balustrades, even if they are more for decorative purposes than anything else!

To learn more about how safety glass can shore up your Harrow, Ruislip or Pinner property, call the glaziers at B&M Glazing on 0208 423 6031.