Glaziers in Ruislip and Harrow | Fire and Acoustic Rated Glass

The protection of people and property matters to B&M Glazing Ltd. That’s why we cover Harrow, Ruislip and West London as fire and acoustic rated glass suppliers. The laminated internal layer of fire glass offers unrivalled protection against heat conduction in the event of a fire, and limits the temperature increase inside a room over specified time periods.

Acoustic glass, on the other hand, has excellent soundproofing qualities.

The fire glass used by our glaziers has single or multiple float glass sheets bonded by the laminated interlayer. Should the glass be dropped, the laminated layer reduces the risk of significant breakage and the subsequent dangers of personal injury to our Harrow, Ruislip and West London customers. The layer also enhances property security.

Because fire glass has to be impact-resistant, the products created by our glass suppliers form a physical barrier against the effect of heat conduction, smoke, flames and limit surface temperature. We use the latest toughening, coating and laminating procedures, and manufacture our fire glass into sealed units for the very best in property protection.

Acoustic rated glass makes the perfect addition to business properties in Harrow, Ruislip and the surrounding West London area, in particular, because of the noise reduction it offers between separate areas of workspace. Meeting BS EN 14449 and BS EN ISO 140 standards, the acoustic glass used by our glaziers also comes delivered as a sealed unit.

With sound reduction levels up to 42dB and beyond, acoustic rated glass blocks out anything from normal conversation to the noise of nearby machinery and shouting.

For fire and acoustic rated glass in Harrow, Ruislip or West London, call the glaziers at B&M Glazing Ltd on 0208 423 6031.